Friday, November 17, 2017

Michael Marcotrigiano

Being Judgmental:  Genetics and Competition

marcotrigiano guppy smallerMichael Marcotrigiano will talk to us about the ins and outs of judging at animal shows.  How it's done, how to get the highest scores, pitfalls and surprises.  Michael is a retired professor of plant biology and genetics, and a world-class breeder of guppies, zebra and society finches, and exotic plants. 

He was named the International Fancy Guppy Association's Guppy Man of the Year for 2017, his second time winning that presitgious award and he is an IFGA Master Breeder, only one of 13 ever to achieve this status. He has been a judge for guppy shows as well as finch shows and will share with us his extensive experience from both sides of the judging table.

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