Hello All,

   Hard to believe our meeting is this Friday already! This letter will be short because I must get to work on my gardens and ponds. The board meeting this week went well and our club is prospering and growing more than expected. There are many things in store for the club’s future as we grow, and I will talk about them at the meeting. As I have already said many times, I want to give as much as receive from the members. I thank all that come to the meetings not only to participate in buying raffles and bidding in the auction, but to those that bring in fish. Our fish auctions have been amazing.

   Our vice president Nefes gave a great presentation on Axolotls at the last meeting. We are working on axolotl eggs so if anyone wants them talk to me or Nefes at the meeting. At this next meeting there will be a presentation on how to set up and install a small pond and inexpensive filter. Ponding is lots of fun when you get into it and adds another whole parameter to fish keeping.

I was happy many people arrived at the meeting at seven so we could get started a little early and hang out and talk more before I started talking LOL. If we could do the same for this meeting that would be great. I would like to try to start sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 again. We will meet at the same place and if you have a problem parking, the medical building next door has a big lot that is always empty.

See you there! Don’t for get to bring your best fish for the Fish Show (a link to the rules is below).

Tom Keegan

Link to the Fish Show Rules

Here’s a Google link to the location: