Report on Feb. 16 meeting

Hello All,

     Our meetings seem to be getting better and better. I have never experienced a meeting with a dais of expert members on a particular fish. I thought angelfish would be a good subject because of all the steps it takes to raise them. It went quite well and it could have gone on longer, but we had move on to the other parts of the meeting. I truly thank the two Jeffs and Gene for being put on the spot up front and center. There are other subjects I would like to set up the same way and I would like your input on them at the next meeting.

     The fish show was another great success with a bunch of entries. Ray took third with one of his amazing guppies. Bob took second with a nice large black angelfish and Buzz took first with a killifish. As you all know the judging is done by you, a jury of peers. Bring in a fish and you never know.

     We had quite a large fish auction for a regular meeting with some show-class angelfish from the breeders on our dais. I thank all who bring fish into the auction to help the club. I also thank the people who buy them, knowing it not only helps the club but also helps our breeders sell fish. It would not be an auction without Ed. He makes the action fun, with lots of laughs the way it should be. Thank you, Ed.

     I will send out a mail next week about our next meeting. I have a presentation in the works from one of our newer members who has risen in the ranks very fast. It will be interesting and about one of the newest popular animals in our hobby.

Tom Keegan, President

Feb. 16 Meeting Angelfish

Feb. 16 Meeting Angelfish

I have had some questions about angelfish breeding so I thought it would be a good topic for a talk.  I will give a brief presentation with some of the basics.  Then I have arranged to have three of our members who are known for their angelfish breeding knowledge come up for questions.  Collectively, their knowledge spans three generations since the sixties, believe it or not.  We have a great club with a tremendous amount of fish know-how at our fingertips.  Get questions ready anywhere from raising baby brine, hatching angel eggs, feeding, raising, and even angelfish genetics.

There will be the usual door prize, raffle, and refreshments.  I know it was cold and last minute for our January meeting, but this meeting is a definite go.  Bring fish for the auction and fish show!!!

Remember our new start time is 7:30 and if you cannot make it, at that time, do not worry about it.  There will be time to put fish in the auction and show.

Tom Keegan, President

February 16 Meeting

Our January meeting was another great success with a lot of laughs and knowledge sharing. Our club is getting better and better every time we get together. We talked about how to keep your fish alive if you lose power in a storm. The idea came from one of our members and if you have an idea or presentation that you want to give, talk to me, or email me. I hope my last presentation on losing power was well received.

We had our elections and now have some new officers and people stepping up to help. I was elected as President with no opponent, and Nefes Pirzada is now Vice President. If you want to see the list of all the positions, check it out here.

It was also award night. Next year I hope we will be giving out more awards. The winner of the Fish Show this year was Harry. It’s not an easy task to bag, transport and show fish. I thank all the members that brought fish to every meeting. It’s nice to have not only people but also fish join us at the meeting. Our treasurer Nick made a great looking, one-of-a-kind, award plaque that was presented by both I and Buzz, the fish show chairman.

See you all on February 16thAnd click here to check out the photos from the January meeting.

Tom Keegan

Meeting Location:

AMVETS Post 48
660 Hawkins Avenue

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779