I have had some questions about angelfish breeding so I thought it would be a good topic for a talk.  I will give a brief presentation with some of the basics.  Then I have arranged to have three of our members who are known for their angelfish breeding knowledge come up for questions.  Collectively, their knowledge spans three generations since the sixties, believe it or not.  We have a great club with a tremendous amount of fish know-how at our fingertips.  Get questions ready anywhere from raising baby brine, hatching angel eggs, feeding, raising, and even angelfish genetics.

There will be the usual door prize, raffle, and refreshments.  I know it was cold and last minute for our January meeting, but this meeting is a definite go.  Bring fish for the auction and fish show!!!

Remember our new start time is 7:30 and if you cannot make it, at that time, do not worry about it.  There will be time to put fish in the auction and show.

Tom Keegan, President