Our first meeting of the New Year will be this Friday the 19th.  I had great plans for it but unfortunately, I have been having a problem with my right hand (mouse hand) and had to have unexpected surgery. I will be fine, however, the meeting may have a different format.  I am not sure if I will be able to do the power point I wanted to present, but we’ll see.   

We will still hold our election, raffle, and auction.   

And the fish show will go on!!  Bring a fish to the meeting. You must be in it to win the 2024 yearly award. Get a jump start on it this month by entering a fish every meeting to accumulate points. Any fish is worthy of a win in the show.  Remember it is a club vote and not just one or two people voting for your fish. The 2023 winner will be announced at the meeting and will receive a well-deserved award. 

I hope I can finish the power point for the meeting but if not, we will discuss what to do with your tank or pond before, during, and after a power outage.  A member came to me at the November meeting asking me questions about this subject and I think it is a good one.  So, with that said, any experience and input will be welcome.  I have had plenty of experience with it and have learned a lot on my own and from others. 

Our venue has asked that we start the meeting a little earlier so we can be totally cleaned up and out by 10:00. So, from now on our meetings will start at 7:30.  Do not worry if you cannot get there by then or must put fish in the auction or fish show.  When you get there, you do what you must do.  All our members understand, and you should not stress!!  

Tom Keegan