Hello All,

This letter will not only announce our last meeting of the year before the summer break, but also highlight the last meeting. I consider this our first full year after reactivation – going from September to June. In the past year our membership has doubled, and we are a strong and growing club.

What better reason to have another hero party to celebrate!!

At the last meeting Harry Faustmann, who is one of our members and is also the president of Nassau County Aquarium Society, gave a presentation on live foods. He showed us that there are many live foods we can easily raise ourselves to help get fish fry started. I have started using vinegar eels which are not hard at all. If anyone wants a starter culture, I am sure we can get you one. After the presentation we had our door prize, raffle, and fish show. The winners of the fish show were me taking third, Ray taking second and Buzz with another first! We had a lot of fish dry goods in the fish auction. I thank everyone who brings in fish for our auction. The auction sales contribute to the funding of the club, so when members bring in boxes full of fish, it’s great!

I also thank Ed who picks up fish that Aqua Hut donates to our club. When you go there, please thank Don, the Aqua Hut owner, for the donations to our club.

Our next meeting will be a social event with heroes and deserts. We will still have our door prize, raffle, fish auction and show. There will also be a can raffle with four or five larger items. Being the last meeting for the summer break I would like the auction to be big, so bring in a fish or plant, even if it’s just one item. Also please bring in a fish for the show. Someone out there must have the “Buzzer Beater” so to speak. Our club is going in the right direction where we all know each other and talk even after the meeting. Many members have contacted me for fish keeping advice, or for the phone numbers of other members. Do not hesitate to do so.

Please RSVP me for the next meeting if you are coming or bringing a guest. Guests will be five dollars. You can’t even buy a happy meal for that!! I want to have enough food for all. I hope everyone can make it. Please email me. Tomfish4@hotmail.com

Tom Keegan

Link to the Fish Show Rules

Here’s a Google link to the location: