Hello All,

Our next meeting is only a week away on Friday March 15.  Yes, it is the Ides of March and the start of St Patty’s Day weekend.  What better way to start it off than with a fish club meeting?  We will also be enjoying daylight savings time, so it will be a little lighter when you arrive at the meeting, and not as cold.

For this meeting, we want to try a new order of things.  I will open the meeting by going over a few items.  Then we’ll have the door prize, raffle, fish show, and auction.  And I want to try to add another item to our meetings.  At our last meeting we had the angelfish dais, and the question-and-answer session went so well I would like to include that in every meeting, by including a brief question-and-answer session.  It could be about anything.  Maybe a fish you are breeding or trying to keep.  A sick fish you are having a problem curing.  Some kind of fish you are looking for or an item like a fish tank or filter part.  So if you have a question, problem, or something you are looking for, put it out on the floor.  At this point we all know each other well enough that we have no problem talking in the group setting and this is what makes our club special from many of the others.

The presentation at this meeting will be by Nefes on Axolotls.  She has kept them for quite some time now and they are an aquatic amphibian that is becoming very popular.  Nefes has risen in our ranks from ticket sales to becoming one of my right-hand people as Vice President in a very short time.  Right now, she is in medical school studying to be a neonatal doctor.  I am looking forward to her presentation.

With all that said, it should be a fun meeting again.  Please try to arrive between 7:00 and 7:30.   I would like to start the meeting closer to 7:30 than 8:00 so we do not have to rush through anything.  Do not worry if you are late.  There will be breaks to put your fish in the auction or you can put them in while I am talking.

See you there!

Tom Keegan

Fish Show Rules