Hello All,

Our next meeting is this Friday the 17th.  I am sure we are all busy outside getting gardens and spring stuff done getting ready for the summer.  I myself am getting ponds cleaned, outside tubs set up, and Koi ready for breeding.  Speaking of tub gardens, I was trying to get my friend Basil, from Norwalk Aquarium Society to do his fish tub presentation but unfortunately, he will be away the weekend of our meeting.  So, I have arranged to have Harry do his live food presentation.  He will talk about different types of live food that you can make yourself to feed your fish and especially your fry when they first hatch to get them going strong!

This is going to be our second to last meeting before we break for the summer.  Our last meeting on Friday June 21st will be more of a social event.  There will be heroes and food just like we had for our holiday party for a great summer send-off.  I like that we cannot settle down for a presentation because we are talking to each other so much.  I think it’s also a great thing that we ask questions and add more info to the presentations.  As we combine all our fish knowledge we get better and more experienced with keeping fish.

In addition to Harry talking about live foods at this week’s meeting, there will be a raffle, fish show, and of course an auction.  We have had some great fish auctions and most go home with some amazing fish at the end of the night.  Bring in a fish for the fish show.  You never know you may win!

Tom Keegan

Link to the Fish Show Rules

Here’s a Google link to the location: