Hello All!

We gain new members at every meeting and the April meeting was bigger than ever. I have come to recognize many of your faces and know when you are absent. We had almost ten of our regular members who weren’t able to make it, so the crowd could have been even larger!

We even had three generations of fish keepers in one family! It’s a Friday night, with no school the next day, so why not bring kids.

If our membership keeps growing, we may have to look for another venue. If you know of one, please contact me.

There were also many entries in our Fish Show. If you won or even placed, you should be proud of yourself. Some of the entries are from fifty-year veteran fish keepers. I proudly won third with female Albino Kribenses. Second was taken by Ray with a very nice Multi Guppy. Carla won first prize with a beautiful Plakat Betta.

Many enjoyed my revised pond presentation, even some members who have had ponds for years. My goal in the next year is to get others to do presentations either from our club or sister clubs. If there is a last-minute cancelation, I’ll fill in with one of my presentations or we’ll figure something out.

I will another letter sometime before the next meeting on May 17 to let you know what will be happening.

Tom Keegan, President

To see photos from this meeting and past meetings, click here.