Hello All!

What a turnout for our March meeting!  We are on our way, if not already, to being a club that is talked about amongst other clubs.  For me, it was a little bit intimidating overseeing such a group.  Of course, I could not do it without all the help I have been getting.  It’s great that not only is the club growing but everything else that goes along with it.  I must thank not only the helpers, but people buying raffle tickets, bringing in fish for the auction, bidding and buying fish. I like the way we can all talk not only with each other but also during the meeting.  It’s a club and everyone is participating even if there is a little friendly heckling.  It makes it fun!

Our presentation about Axolotls by our vice president Nefes was amazing.  You would not have known that was her first fish club presentation at all.  The PowerPoint, pictures and video were right on.  There was such interest with many questions afterwards.  I was thinking that if anyone wants to get Axolotl eggs, we could do a group buy from the breeder and split them up at the meeting.  Send me an email if you think this would be something you might want to do.

I am still working on getting my friend to do a presentation on tub gardens for the next meeting.  Spring is coming and it is fun to put some fish out for the summer.  If he cannot, I may do my presentation on installing a small simple pond.  It’s like a tub but just a little bigger and more permanent.

Our fish show was another success with Buzz taking first and third, and Evelyn giving him a run for the money, so to speak, taking a close second.  Which leads me to the fish calendar that we want to make.  If you want your fish to be in the calendar, send the pics to liasphotos@gmail.com and we will edit them and put them in.  We have time and I will talk about it during our next meeting.

Tom Keegan, President

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